Bloody Breasts presents: Women in Horror Panel

In June 2011, Maude Michaud was approached to create the first ever Bloody Breasts panel for the Fantasia International Film Festival in Montreal, Qc. She contacted filmmakers and film experts from Montreal and Toronto, most of whom she was planning to interview for the webseries, but didn't due to conflicting schedules. They all happily accepted the invitation and thus the panel was born.

Thanks to Jaffer Hasan who graciously volunteered to film the panel!

Description of the panel (reprinted from the Fantasia Festival program):

In her web-based documentary series BLOODY BREASTS, local horror filmmaker Maude Michaud focuses on the often underrepresented women working behind the scenes in the horror film industry. Despite the creation of the Women in Horror Recognition Month in February 2010 during which hundreds of women horror filmmakers got their films screened around the world, they still tend to be perceived as a novelty by genre fans and journalists. That is, of course, when their interest in the genre is not automatically brushed off as unlikely, un-feminine or downright questionable!

In light of the positive response to the BLOODY BREASTS web-series, this panel, created exclusively for Fantasia, encourages the audience to participate in a discussion with four women horror filmmakers who will tackle everything from myths usually associated with women in horror, their experience within the genre, their creative process, and whether the question of gender is still relevant when looking at the current horror film industry.

Jovanka Vuckovic (THE CAPTURED BIRD, former editor-in-chief of Rue Morgue magazine), Izabel Grondin (FANTASME), and Elza Kephart (GRAVEYARD ALIVE: A ZOMBIE NURSE IN LOVE) will join Maude Michaud (HOLLYWOOD SKIN) and Kier-La Janisse (author, House of Psychotic Women/co-founder, Blue Sunshine Psychotronic Film Centre) in what promises to be a no-holds-barred discussion about horror filmmaking and going against society’s expectations.