About the project    


BLOODY BREASTS: The first thing that comes to mind when most people hear the words "women" and "horror films".

Dear reader,

The idea for this project sparked during my first semester in the Media Studies graduate program at Concordia University where I encountered a lot of feminist academic texts denouncing violence against women in popular media.  Even though I agree that violence against women should not be encouraged, I still love watching horror films and I feel there’s so much more to the genre than those texts suggest. I quickly found out that this way of thinking is somewhat frowned upon in academic circles and that a lot of people consider that it is impossible to be a feminist AND to love horror films.  This is how the idea of this project sparked as a way for me to address these issues as part of my thesis project. 

The initial idea was pretty straight forward: in addition to researching positive feminist writings about horror films and the reception of the genre by women, I would attempt to contextualize feminism within the genre while giving a voice to women who are actively involved in the industry.  The end product would be packaged into a feature length documentary and all of this was coinciding perfectly with the release of Jennifer’s Body, which put the topic in the media spotlight.  So, I got started. 

Then, something amazing happened; the über-awesome Hannah Neurotica came up with an idea that would revolutionize the world of women working as part of the horror genre: February 2010 was name the first Women in Horror Recognition Month.  Not only did I start getting more recognition for my own fiction films thanks to the many events showcasing short horror films made by women, I also found out about all these other amazing women actively working in the horror genre. Let me tell you, the community is way bigger than I ever dared to imagine! 

I quickly found myself thinking about the scope of my project, what I had done so far and the deadline I had to meet as part of my graduate studies. I had already shot enough material to edit my feature length documentary, but I kept hearing about new voices that I wanted to include, which of course kept pushing back the completion of the editing, my thesis defence date, etc… You get the picture!

That is when I came up with an idea: why don’t I make a web series instead?  That way, the project can be edited into thematic segments, which allows me to keep adding content and lets the project grow in sync with the community. 

The first season, An exploration of women, feminism and horror films, aims to situate the questions and themes central to this documentary. Thematic episodes will be realeased on a monthly basis.

I hope you will enjoy and will be as inspired by these women as I was when I met them!

Yours truly,

Maude Michaud

Webseries creator/director