Meet the filmmaker

Maude Michaud has been a fan of horror since one fateful afternoon when she was 7 years old and watched Poltergeist III on cable TV.  She quickly developed a passion for thrillers, monster films and murder mysteries which provided an exciting alternative to the ‘family-friendly’ entertainment her classmates were watching.     

During her teenage years, she started hosting weekly horror film nights with a few close friends.  Fuelled by the impressive film collection of the local video store, these evenings allowed her to catch up on all the classics of the genre.

Her passion for storytelling and cinema eventually merged to become a passion for filmmaking.  When she turned 16, she wrote, produced and directed her first short film, Finding Hope, using her father’s handicam.  The film screened as part of the official selection of the Toronto International Teen Film Festival (now renamed Young Cuts) along with her second project, the horror short film titled Spirits.

She completed her B.A. in Communication Studies, Film option, at Concordia University and is currently completing her M.A. in Media Studies.  She wrote and directed over 20 video projects, including 10 short films she independently produced and released.  She is currently touring the festival circuit with her shorts Hollywood Skin and Snuff.  Bloody Breasts is her first documentary and her first web-based project. 

You can check out her filmmaker's blog where you will find news and informations on upcoming screenings/projects: