Bloody Breasts

A  web-based documentary about the women of the horror industry

Is horror a genre that can only be enjoyed by men?  Does it still serve to reinforce desired gender roles/societal stereotypes?  Can a woman call herself a feminist AND still enjoy horror films?  

In addition to presenting horror film events and websites initiated by women, this webseries focuses on female horror filmmakers, scream queens and fans of the genre.  The topic of feminism and horror is then contextualized within the current horror industry, thanks to contributions from experts of the genre. 

September News!

The September episode is replaced by the first-ever Bloody Breasts panel that was filmed on Sunday, July 17th during the Fantasia International Film Festival in Montreal.

 It has been brought to my attention that some people had trouble watching the embedded videos on the site, which could possibly be due to bandwith issues (hey! this is a good sign, it means that people are watching it!)

If you've been having difficulties, please note that you can also watch all the episodes HERE.

For past episodes, please visit the Episodes section of this website.